Rent a bike...explore more!

In response to growing demand, we now offer rental bikes!

We can accommodate up to 8 adults with bicycles and offer both men's and women's styles, as well as several unisex bikes. Bike rentals are for full day only. All riders must wear helmets, if you have your own that's great, you are all set, if not helmets can be rented for $5.00 per day, sizes vary. We do have two little kid bikes for rent too. A Strider balance bike without pedals and an 14" pedal bike. 

To rent a bike go to our Availability & Booking page and you will see three tabs mid page, with light blue text, just above the boat photos and descriptions; Bikes, Tenders, Rental Boats, click on the Bikes tab and you will be able to see how many we have and the dates available, booking can quickly and easily be done online. 

Call or email for more information!

Office: (207) 867-2282



Interested in renting? Check out our Rental Agreement and Book Today!

One of the stunning views you might see on your adventure!  Book today!

One of the stunning views you might see on your adventure!  Book today!

While our quiet little island seems the idea place to ride bikes please be aware that our roads are narrow and curvy . Visibility is limited around corners with lots of dense roadside vegetation. We also have LOTS of cars and trucks that must SHARE these narrow roads. Riding bikes two or three abreast creates a hazard for our vehicle drivers.Please be considerate of cars as they are being considerate of you too. If a car is following behind you slowly it's because they can't see ahead of the curve or hill for oncoming traffic. This will happen, don't worry you are not being stalked! You are being looked after by experienced island drivers. They don't want you to have an accident or to cause one. Please obey the rules of the road, and have a safe, enjoyable ride around our beautiful island.