Artful Dodger

The first boat in our rental fleet, Artful Dodger was the one that started it all. At 18ft this Parker is the perfect size boat for a group outing. With seating in front of the center console as well as a double seat for the captain and two more aft, she has seating room for 6. She sports a red bow dodger that can be collapsed when not needed. However, the forward cover is a great addition if it gets a bit choppy on the afternoon ride home from the beach. This Parker will get you from Downtown North Haven to Downtown Rockland in about 20 minutes.

Artful Dodger at mooring in the Fox Islands Thorofare, North Haven, Maine

Artful Dodger at mooring in the Fox Islands Thorofare, North Haven, Maine

What's on board...

  • 18' Parker with a Center Console

  • 115hp Yamaha 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

  • Bow Dodger

  • Stainless Steel Bow Rail

  • Port and Starboard Fenders

  • Anchor and extra line

  • Paddle

  • PFDs for 6 (incl. 2 Kid Sizes!)

  • Dry Bag full of Emergency Essentials (First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Flares, Toilet Paper, etc.)

  • Book of Local Charts

  • GPS

  • VHF


The Parker Way

Early on, Parker learned first-hand the importance of its time-tested lamination schedule, heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware, and reinforced hull. Providing a vessel, not only to get you there and back safely, but with a lifetime of enjoyment... Parker Marine does not aspire to offer only form and function. That is simply where we began our journey. It is beyond that point — and within the experience each adventure offers — that you begin to understand the true Parker difference. The difference, for over half a century, that has allowed Parker Marine to stand as a beacon of Strength, Simplicity, and Seaworthiness.                -

Parker 18' Deckplan

Parker 18' Deckplan

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