Rental Rates: $200/day   $150 (Dagger,) Tender $20 

Rental Criteria: 

Rental boat will have a full tank of gas when rental period begins, renter must refill tank before returning rental boat. If returned less than full, a fueling fee of $25 PLUS the cost of gas to refill the tank will be charged to renter’s credit or debit card.

Water skiing, tubing, towing, and other water sports are only not authorized with Rental.

Renter shall return the boat to its mooring in the Fox Island Thoroughfare each night before dark, unless otherwise instructed or agreed upon by owner and renter.

Renter shall be the sole operator of the boat during rental period; up to two (2) additional operators can be added at a rate of $20 per day or $100 per week in addition to the Rental Rate. Renter remains sole party responsible for the boat during the course of the rental period and shall not carry passengers for hire at any time.

The boat shall remain within the boundaries designated on the Rental Chart (these boundaries include the Fox Islands and nearby waters and islands.) The Rental Chart shall remain in the boat and is labeled “Rental Chart”.

In the event of malfunction, breakdown, or if any defect is discovered after acceptance of the rental boat the renter will immediately report it to owner by telephone at 207.867.2282 or 207.867.4621 or by hailing Brown’s Boatyard on VHF Radio on Channel 16. Continued use of boat shall be entirely at the renter’s risk.

This agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of Maine.

Pro-rating, discounts, or other repayments will not be offered due to rental periods being disrupted by weather, “acts of God”, or other events uncontrollable by North Haven Rentals.

North Haven Rentals reserves the right to terminate any rental at any time without exception.

Rentals are only valid once the Rental Agreement has been signed and accepted by North Haven Rentals.

The Lessee certifies that he/she is experienced and capable in all aspects of the handling and operation of the Boat; and acknowledges his/her responsibility for the safe and proper operation of the Boat, and for the safety and welfare of other boaters, persons, and passengers.             

The Lessee certifies that he/she has examined the Boat and all equipment and finds it acceptable and suitable for the purpose for which it is leased, and agrees to return the Boat in the same condition and with a full tank of gas as provided at the start of the rental period, and to contain all necessary lifesaving equipment, all of which is in proper working order.                    

The Lessee agrees that water skiing, towing, and/or night operation are expressly forbidden.

The Lessee agrees to only operate the Boat WITHIN the boundaries defined on the Rental Chart provided and otherwise described as the Waters of the Fox Islands, and further certifies that he/she understands where said boundaries are.              

The Lessee certifies on penalty of law and forfeiture of any deposit/payments that he/she will always operate the Boat within any and all United States Coast Guard regulations as well as any and all applicable local, state and federal laws.          

The Lessee agrees not to use, nor permit the use of the rental boat for any unlawful purpose; in a careless or negligent manner; while under the influence of liquor or narcotics; or any other drugs; by any other person not the signatory of the agreement, not at least 21 years of age; or after dark.

It is agreed and understood by the Lessee that the Lessor shall not be held liable for damages, inconvenience or time lost caused by accident, breakdown or malfunction of the rental boat. Lessee further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor from, and against any and all claims for loss of or damage to property or injury to persons (including death) resulting through the use, operation or possession of said rental boat. Lessee further agrees to hold the Lessor harmless should loss or damages occur to any of Lessee’s personal property while carried in, or on, the Boat, including loss or damage by fire, water, theft or any other causes whatsoever.        

LESSEE expressly agrees to indemnify and hold LESSOR harmless of, from and against any and all loss, cost, damages, attorney fee and/or liability in connection with the enforcing of the forgoing rental contract by LESSOR, including expense incurred in connection with attempting to collect delinquent rent and in the event of suit by LESSOR, to recover possession of said rental property and/or to enforce any terms, conditions and/or provisions hereof. It is understood and agreed that Venue and any Action hereunder shall be in the county of LESSOR.      

Can’t you just feel the sand between your toes!

Can’t you just feel the sand between your toes!